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6th Grade Band

YES!!!!  You've found Beginning Band.  You have taken your first step down the glorious path of instrumental music.  In Beginning Band you will learn the basics of instrument care and tone production.  As well as how to read music and some crazy Italian words like Crescendo and Forte
No one has ever regretted learning how to play an instrument!!!!!!!
The instruments we offer to start with are Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet. Trombone, Tuba, and Percussion.  
Students will need to rent an instrument from either Portmann's or Horns Up Music.  When they rent an instrument they will need to also purchase the starter pack, which includes cleaning supplies, reeds, valve oil, and their beginning band book, Sound Innovations.  Below are links to each companies rental flyers.
The Flute is a reedless woodwind instrument.  The Flute was originally made of wood, but today most flutes are metal.  
Students who will success at flute are Students who persevere, who are patient, and who can quickly make a sound and have good finger coordination.  This is an instrument that is extremely competitive in honor bands, so students who enjoy that type of challenge will love this instrument.  
Students may struggle with this instrument are ones looking for instant success, want to do a minimal amount of work, and who are unable to make a sound or handle sometimes complicated fingering patterns.  
The Flute's sit in the front rows of the band and are usually given prominent parts due to the nature of their sound.  Flute is an instrument that gives the student nowhere to hide and plenty of opportunities to shine.  
Some famous flute players you can check out on youtube are:
Jasmine Choi
Emmanuel Pahud
The Clarinet is single reed, woodwind instrument.  Joseph Christoph Denner invented the Clarinet in Germany around 1700.
Clarinets have a lot of keys.  Someone who is very detailed and enjoys complex tasks will enjoy thi instrument.  This instrument is also an extremely competitive instrument as the student progresses.  Students who love a challenge, will love this instrument.
The Clarinet requires patience.  It starts off easy, but gets increasingly more difficult.  
The Clarinet is the most common instrument to start in the United States.  Clarinet sections are usually the largest and have the greatest effect on the overall sound of the band.  This is an easy instrument to start but a difficult one to master.
Some Clarinetist you can watch on youtube are:
Martin Frost
Sabine Meyer
Benny Goodman
The Saxophone is a single reed woodwind instrument, made of brass.  It was invented in 1846 by Adolphe Sax.  Saxophone means "Voice of sax."
The Saxophone is an instrument for students who need a quick start.  Someone who is very detailed and enjoys complex tasks will enjoy thi instrument.The instrument is similar to the clarinet in that it is easy to make a first sound on, but difficult to contain.  The saxophone plays mostly harmony parts, but occasionally steps out in front to take the melody.  
While success on this instrument can come quickly, the type of student who has trouble acting in a supporting role may not be suited for the saxophone.
The saxophone has a prominent role in jazz.  As students progress they will be able to try to play Tenor and Baritone Saxophone.
Some saxophonists you can check out on youtube are
Thomas Giles (this one is a bit weird...  but so are saxophonists)
Otis Murphy
Charlie Parker
The Trumpet is a Brass instrument that produces a tone by buzzing on the mouthpiece.  Trumpets are the heroes of the band and have been traditionally associated with royalty.
The Trumpet is not an instrument for the timid.  The trumpet requires a good work ethic and patience.  The Student has to be able to buzz both high and low, with the high notes requiring a great deal of focus.  Due to the nature of the instrument, Trumpets are almost always given prominent parts.  There is nowhere to hide on Trumpet.
Students who require immediate success may not enjoy Trumpet.  Developing a solid Trumpet Embouchure can take years.  This is also not an instrument for students who do not like to be the center of attention.  There are no "backup" Trumpet players.
Trumpet is the largest section in the brass family.  They have a prominent role in jazz and in marching band. 
Here are some Trumpet players to listen to on youtube:
Alison Balsom
Wynton Marsalis
Miles Davis
Trombone is a Brass instrument that produces a tone by buzzing on the mouthpiece.  Trombones provide the solid foundation from which the band is built.  
Trombone players need to have a good ear since this instrument uses a slide instead of keys to change notes.  Because of the slide, students need to be able to handle abstract thinking and have good spatial awareness.  The Trombone is very daunting at first, but becomes easier as you get used to it.
Students may not be successful on Trombone if they are not patient, or require immediate success to continue an activity.  
The Trombone is capable of making sounds no other instrument can.  They are the stars of the bass sections.  in my personal opinion, once you get the hang of it, Trombone is the most fun to play.
Some Trombone vids on youtube:
Navy Trombone Quartet
Wycliffe Gordon
The Tuba is a brass instrument that produces a sound by buzzing.
The Tuba is the single most important instrument in the band.  Every piece of music we perform starts with the Tuba.  Everyone loves the Tuba!!!
Here is some Tuba for your enjoyment
Roger Bobo
Patrick Sheriden
Percussion is among the oldest instruments.  Percussion includes snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, xylophone, marimba, brake drum, clapping, timpani, and a whole assortment of other instruments.
Percussionists must be well behaved and organized.  They are responsible for thousands of dollars of instruments that are not easily replaced.  Percussionists all start out on mallet instruments and must learn the mallet parts first.  Band percussion rarely includes drum set.  
Percussion is not for those who only want to play snare or drum set.
Some percussionists to watch on youtube
Flam 5
Evelyn Glennie
More Evelyn Glennie