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The Music of History

How....  How did we get here?
How did music go from Gregorian Chant to Lizzo?  Why does King Louis the 14th's love of dance influence music in France for 100 years?  How does the industrial revolution change piano concerto orchestration?  What does the West African Kora have to do with Country Music?  
Why do parents not understand what these crazy kids are listening to?  Why was music always "better when I was your age?"
The Music of History is an elective survey class (9 weeks) for 8th grade students at Needwood. In this class we explore music and culture over the last millennium.   We will explore how music has reflected society values and how cultural events have influenced the production of music.  From the Organum of Leonin and Peritin, to Phillippe Di Virty and the Ars Nova, to the Mass which saved church music, to the popular music from the turn of the 20th century, to the turn of the 21st.  We will dip our toes in it all.