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Course description:


Students in 6th grade Reading will focus on becoming flexible, resilient readers who read for pleasure as well as for academic purposes. Students will be given an array of tools & strategies to improve their fluency, comprehension, & interest in the different genres of literature. Our hope is that students will be capable of reading broadly and deeply, while being alert to the complexities of texts & the power of language. Our goal is for students to confidently make choices within their educational & career endeavors without being limited by their reading levels. When students begin to believe themselves to be authentic readers, they will develop a love for reading that continues on into the future.


The class will consist of:

● Small & whole-group instruction

● Independent reading
● Individual & small-group conferencing
● Responding to the text through discussions, book talks, journaling, and presentations


Grade Weights:

Homework / Participation: 10%
Quizzes: 15%
Labs/Projects/Notebooks: 20%
Classwork: 25%
Tests: 30%


Pacing Guide:

  • Unit 1: A Deep Study of Character
  • Unit 2: Nonfiction
  • Unit 3: Social Issues Book Clubs
  • Unit 4: Fantasy

Student Expectations:

Every student is accountable for his or her actions. I expect every student to follow our class and school rules including the 3 R's: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. Students should have their supplies, reading journal, & ID tag every day in order to be fully prepared for a successful school day. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am so excited about our new school year together!



Thank you!


       Ms. Brantley