Sasser Reading Period 2-FY Assignments

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Past Assignments


Test 10/28 in Google Classroom

Test 10/28


9/14 EOG Prep in Google Classroom

9/14 EOG Prep


9/10 Main Idea Practice  in Google Classroom

9/10 Main Idea Practice


9/9 Paired Passage Unit 2 in Google Classroom

9/9 Paired Passage Unit 2


August Reading Log in Google Classroom

August Reading Log

Reading Log due by class time on 9/1. Late assignments will be accepted BUT the highest score earned will be a 65. You have the entire month to complete this. Use your time wisely!


8.27 Class Check In  in Google Classroom

8.27 Class Check In

Complete this Google Form and ANYTHING ELSE that is missing before class on Monday.


8.26 Class Check In in Google Classroom

8.26 Class Check In