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Southern & Eastern Asia Geography Test in Google Classroom

Southern & Eastern Asia Geography Test

1. Read each question carefully.
2. Think about the class discussions, your notes, and your map.
3. Select the correct answer.
4. Take your time, this is not a race!
5. If you were Respectful in class while I was teaching, Responsible and took notes and studied your notes, then you are READY!


Monday, November 29, 2021 in Google Classroom

Monday, November 29, 2021

This week begins our three week study on Employability Skills. 

1. Define terms associated with employability skills and provide an example of how you can provide each term at a job. 

2. Take the Personality Types Assessment to determine what your personality type so we can determine the best jobs for you!


09.10 in Google Classroom


Today's AGENDA:
1. Complete WARM UP.
2. Explore the 9/11 Remembrance.
3. View the September 11, 2001 Slides.
4. Complete the 9/11 Reading Comp
5. Turn in ALL missing Work.  Today is the last day I will accept missing work!


09.09 in Google Classroom


Today's AGENDA:
1.  Complete WARM UP - this is for a grade today!
2.  Achieve 3000 Day - Login to Clever to access the assigned article, "Remembering 9/11"
Take your time and read the article.
Take notes on the article as you read, paying attention to new vocabulary.
Take the Quiz at the end of the article.  This is a QUIZ GRADE for today!


09.08 in Google Classroom


Today's AGENDA:
3.  Take notes on the YouTube Video "SW ASIA (MIDDLE EAST) POLITICAL & PHYSICAL FEATURES" 
4.  Using the notes from the video, create a 5 slide presentation answering the following question:
How do deserts and rivers of Southwest Asia (Middle East) impact trade and affect where people live?  Include this question on your slide presentation.

Slide 1: Title Page (Topic and Name)

Slides 2-4: Answer the question and give a minimum of three examples to support your answer.

Slide 5: Summarize your slide presentation.

Make sure you put your name on your presentation and share with me!  This is for a grade!


09.07.2021 in Google Classroom


Work is due today!  Grades go in tonight! 

On the Maps 09.07.2021, Make a Copy and Share with me when you have completed the assignment.
Analyze maps of population density,deserts around the world, and oil and gas in Southwest Asia.  Give two observations you notice from each map.


09.02 in Google Classroom


Today's AGENDA:

1. Complete the WARM UP, this is used for attendance!
2.  View the Slide Presentation "Unequal Distribution of Water and Pollution (Student Copy)
3.  Complete the Middle East Water Issues Graphic Organizer using the Slide Presentation.
4.  Complete the Formative Assessment of SW Asia Water Issues


09.01  in Google Classroom


09.01 AGENDA
1 - Complete Warm Up (You Do)
2 -  Brain Pop (I Do)
3 - Kahoot! (We Do)
4 - SW Asia Geography Quiz (You Do)


08.31: Part 2 - War for Water in Google Classroom

08.31: Part 2 - War for Water

1 - We will go through the presentation together
2 - Your assignment will be to answer the (same) 10 questions as you did on Monday.
3 - Yes, this will be for a grade. Notice, that the due date is tomorrow - Sept 1
4.  Complete the Ticket Out the Door before exiting the class.


08.31 WARM UP in Google Classroom

08.31 WARM UP

This WARM UP is used as an attendance verification, please complete.  It is, of course, taken as a grade as well.


08.30 WARM UP in Google Classroom

08.30 WARM UP

Complete the Warm Up, I will be using this as attendance verification.


08.30: Intro to Environmental Issues of SouthWest Asia in Google Classroom

08.30: Intro to Environmental Issues of SouthWest Asia

1. Complete the Anticipation Guide (this is BEFORE learning anything about this topic).
2. We will go through the presentation together, talking about the vocabulary.
3. Finally, you will create a Google Doc.  Write a sentence using each of the underlined vocabulary words.  Then share it with me.
4. The last two links are for you to play / practice locating the countries and physical features of SouthWest Asia.