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8th Grade Edgenuity-Financial Literacy

EDGENUITY-Parents-WHI - Intermediate School

Welcome to the Edgenuity program.  We are so excited that you are joining us on an adventure in online learning! Edgenuity has created an inviting, interactive learning environment to help guide you towards your academic success. Your courses contain standards-based instruction with lessons from expert, on-screen teachers, and multimedia tools and resources. You will be presented with real-world applications, allowing you to build your content knowledge and essential skills, while also inspiring a deeper understanding. Your Edgenuity account not only provides access to your coursework, it is also where you can find view your progress report, monitor your daily assignment calendar, and access additional features designed
to keep you informed and in control of your own education


The program is self-paced, which means that even though certain assignments have to be completed each day to complete the course on time, you are not limited to just doing those assignments.  You can work from home to get ahead. or get caught up. You can go to the school website and under students, select Edgenuity. You can work on everything at home except for quizzes, topic tests, and cumulative exams.  Ask your teacher to set you up to work at home.  You can check your progress daily.  A red bar indicates that you are behind.  A blue bar indicates that you are on task.  Finally, a green bar indicates that you are ahead. 


Evaluation Procedures

            If you successfully complete all the required content (lessons, assignments, quizzes, tests, essays, etc.), and receive at least 70% for this class, you will receive credit for this class. This is a high school credit and the grade you earn will go on your high school transcript and will follow you throughout your high school journey!  


Class Rules

           All Needwood Middle School  rules are followed (i.e. dress code, electronic procedures, etc.)  In addition, keep these rules in mind: 

  1. Respect and be polite to all people. (Listen carefully and do not talk when someone else is talking.)
  2. Respect the property of others. (Put litter in the trash can; return borrowed items, do not write on desks and respect the integrity of the computers.) If you notice a problem with your computer area(monitor, mouse, keyboard, headphones) report it immediately. 
  3. Exercise self-control at all times. (Crude and offensive language will not be tolerated.) Keep hands and feet to yourself.  Don’t throw things inside the classroom.  Tone and volume of voice must be controlled at all times.)
  4. Do not go to any unauthorized website.
  5. No electronic devices are allowed to be used inside the classroom. That means no charging of phones.  If there is a situation that requires use, please come talk to the teacher. 
  6. Raise your hand for help.
  7. You must ask the teacher for permission to leave (bathroom, other classrooms, etc.)  One person at a time will be allowed outside the classroom, for no more than 5 minutes and only one time (unless you have been called by an administrator, counselor, front office, etc.).  Make sure you always wear your id during class.
  8. Stay in your seats when it is time to change classes, go to lunch, or leave for the day; until I dismiss you.  Your class will be dismissed, by rows, when the bell rings.  Make sure you have sanitized your area before you leave (I will provide you with wipes to wipe down the keyboard, headphones, and desk area), and put the headphones neatly on the computer. Push your chair under before you leave the room.

Edgenuity Procedures     

  1. You are required to fill out and submit a testing pledge for each of your Edgenuity courses.  Here’s the link:
  2. You are required to take notes and listen to every lesson with either headphones or a personal listening device.  Notes must be shown before a quiz is released. 
  3. You are required and expected to answer every question the first time around.  Not just the multiple-choice questions. 
  4. You are NOT to copy and paste answers to assignments.  You will be expected to write down short response questions on notebook paper before writing them on the program.  
  5. If you fail a quiz 2 times, the teacher will assign a supplemental activity.
  6. You may use notes on quizzes, but not on pretests, tests, or the final exam.
  7. You may use a formula sheet for the final exam.

To have Success in this Course

  1. ALWAYS take good notes and keep them organized in a notebook or folder.
  2. ALWAYS listen carefully to the lectures.
  3. ALWAYS read supplemental activities.
  4. Make sure you understand the concept before taking a quiz.  Ask the teacher for help if you do not.
  5. Remember your target date!  Do not let yourself get behind in your work or you will not finish your class on time.