Kimberly Pittman » 7th Grade Foundations of Business Management

7th Grade Foundations of Business Management

This course will provide an exploratory foundation in business management operations. It is designed to be taught in a 9-week rotation. Standards will comprise of ongoing learning regarding employability skills, career investigation, and career-technical leadership opportunities. Through integrated instructional activities, students will have opportunities to apply employability skills and research possible career options in the business management area. Through integrated software applications and standard office procedures. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared for the following pathways upon entering high school: Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Human Resources Management.
Standard Topic Description
MS-BMF-FBM-1 Employability Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.
MS-BMF-FBM-2 Entrepreneurship Understand the opportunities and nature of business, the role of an entrepreneur, and
the subset of skills most commonly required of an entrepreneur.
MS-BMF-FBM-3 Business Opportunities Demonstrate effective ways to present ideas to others regarding business opportunities.
MS-BMF-FBM-4 Legal Form of Business Ownership Understand basic business ideas that affect fundamental business decisions such as the
feasibility of a business and its legal form of business ownership.
MS-BMF-FBM-5 Economic Principles Understand and apply basic economic principles and concepts that are fundamental to
MS-BMF-FBM-6 Marketing Determine how to identify, reach, and retain customers in a specific target market using a
marketing plan.
MS-BMF-FBM-7 Profit, Loss, Break-even, Assets Understand the financial needs to start and maintain a healthy business venture.
MS-BMF-FBM-8 Operation and Management of Business Manage and operate a real business or simulate the operation and management of a
MS-BMF-FBM-9 Student Organizations Examine how related student organizations are integral parts of career and technology
education courses through leadership development, school and community service
projects, and competitive events.