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                                        8th Grade Math


By the end of grade eight, students will understand various numerical representations, including square roots, exponents and scientific notation; use and apply geometric properties of plane figures, including congruence and the Pythagorean theorem; use symbolic algebra to represent situations and solve problems, especially those that involve linear relationships; solve linear equations, systems of linear equations and inequalities; use equations, tables and graphs to analyze and interpret linear functions; use and understand set theory and simple counting techniques; determine the theoretical probability of simple events; and make inferences from statistical data, particularly data that can be modeled by linear functions.


Topics for each Unit


Unit 1: Transformation, Congruence, and Similarity

Unit 2: Exponents and Equations

Unit 3: Geometric Applications of Exponents

Unit 4: Functions

Unit 5: Linear Functions

Unit 6: Linear Models and Tables

Unit 7: Solving Systems of Equations

Unit 1 Transformation

Unit 1 Transformation/Congruence and Similarity 

Have fun going through the sites below to help with understanding Transformation, congruence and similarity. Click on the site below heart


TRANSFORMATION: https://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/transformations.html