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Mindset Resources

Mindset Resources
Reading Changed My Life! Townsend Press Book
Three Keys to Doing Well in School Townsend Press Article
8 Year-Old Smokes Peers in 800m It doesn't matter how you start; it matters how you finish.  Live strong.  Finish well.
Never, Ever Give Up!  Arthur's Inspirational Transformation A disabled veteran makes an amazing transformation!
Meet Norvell Smith How a Chicago 7th grader helped stop gang violence
Meet Shadrack Boakye Former READ 180 student
Second Act Learn more about Shadrack
Getting Started - Mindset Vocabulary Quizlet
Printable Mindset Assessment pp. 10 - 12
Online Mindset Assessment Use periodically to spot check your mindset.
Growth Mindset Introduction:  What it is, How it works, and Why it matters Learn to distinguish between growth and fixed mindsets as well as the four key characteristics of growth.
You Can Grow Your Intelligence article
Growth Mindset Flocabulary
The Most Inspiring Speech Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout
Mentally Fragile to Mentally Strong You are the problem AND the solution!
How to Quickly Get Out of a Rut These tips will help you get back on track.
Philosophy for a Happy Life Sam Berns - Ted Talk
10 Best Ideas - Mindset Learn more about growth and fixed mindset.
Best Motivation by Man with No Arms or Legs What's your excuse?
15 Famous Failures It's what you say about yourself that matters.
Who is Inky Johnson?  Learn about his inspiration.
Mistakes You don't learn without them.
Learning Like a Jungle Tiger How are you training your brain?
How Praise Affects Mindset Should you praise effort or ability?
Mindset Webquest Follow the directions.  Record answers on the form.
Mindset Webquest Answer Form Record your answers here.
Article:  This is How Your Thoughts Become Your Reality Don't limit your potential.
The Truth About Your Brain Compare the video to "You Can Grow Your Intelligence."
Three Ways to Speak English Ted Talk - Jamila Lyiscott
Do You Know Who You Are? Jeremy Anderson
High Five by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
Prologue and Chapter 1  
Chapter 2