PJones-Study Skills-Period 2-FY Assignments

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Past Assignments


IAspire Presentation in Google Classroom

IAspire Presentation

Write your answer to each question on the slide and add a picture to the slide.  We will use this at your annual review of your IEP.


September 7-Google Forms and Goal Setting in Google Classroom

September 7-Google Forms and Goal Setting

1. Join Google Meets.
2. Complete the form for this week by using Infinite Campus.  Submit the form.
3. Set one goal for improving your personal achievement this week.


Study Skills Expectations in Google Classroom

Study Skills Expectations

1. Join Google Meets where we will discuss expectations for the class.
2. Complete the Google Forms sheet during class today.


IXL Math Diagnostic in Google Classroom

IXL Math Diagnostic

1. Join the Google Meets for instructions on accessing IXL.
2. Complete the IXL math diagnostic.