Davis - READ 180 2nd Period - 2021-22-FY Assignments

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Independent Reading Log in Google Classroom

Independent Reading Log

Complete this reading log at least once per week.  Once we return to face-to-face instruction, the designated independent reading day will be Friday.  You should strive to read for at least one 30-minute session per week.   You may also include any additional reading that you do.  Remember to put a tally mark in the Focus Lesson box each time you get distracted.

IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to select books that are at or above your most recent Lexile.  If you select books that are too easy, you will not grow as a reader.  Every time you finish a book, you should take a quiz on the book.  Scores for books that are below your Lexile will not count toward your grade.


High Five! Text Connections in Google Classroom

High Five! Text Connections

As you listen to the story each day, type  your text connections in the box.  You may turn your paper in when you have finished listening to the entire book.

Don't forget to put your name and date on your paper!


Classwork - Week of 9/10/2021 in Google Classroom

Classwork - Week of 9/10/2021

Using your mouse, highlight "First and Last Name" and type your name on the handout.  Enter your class period in the appropriate space.
Follow the directions carefully.  In order to receive credit, you must follow the directions, not simply return the form.
Write answers in complete sentences.


TEST:  Bene, Ben, Bon in Google Classroom

TEST: Bene, Ben, Bon

Please complete the test on words with the Latin root, "Bene".  

Feel free to use the word bank for the test.  I will take off points for misspelled words.

Buena suerte!  Bon chance! Good luck!


Classwork - Week of 9/3/2021 in Google Classroom

Classwork - Week of 9/3/2021

Use this form to keep track of your work throughout the week.  You will turn it in on Friday,


ReadWorks: The Fiction Partner Challenge in Google Classroom

ReadWorks: The Fiction Partner Challenge

Please click the link to go to this assignment.
Restate the question in your written responses.  Be sure to write complete sentences.


ReadWorks: Brains at Risk in Google Classroom

ReadWorks: Brains at Risk

Please click the link to go to this assignment.
Answer written questions in complete sentences.


It's All Good (Bene, Ben, Bon Test Review) in Google Classroom

It's All Good (Bene, Ben, Bon Test Review)

Read the story and fill in the blanks with the missing "bene" words.  Make sure the word you select makes sense!


Bene, Ben, Bon in Google Classroom

Bene, Ben, Bon

Study these words on Quizlet.  You will have a test on Friday.


Mindset Exploration Activity in Google Classroom

Mindset Exploration Activity

View the assigned videos on Ms. Davis' website and complete the form.  Please remember to include your first and last name, the date, and the class period.  Write a brief reflection on what you learned from each video or article.