P. Mickey Science Period 3-FY Assignments

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Past Assignments


1/6 Achieve

1/6 Achieve "A Tsunami? Where?"

Complete the achieve article and use the remaining time in class to work on your extra credit.


12/1 Pure Substances and Mixtures Models in Google Classroom

12/1 Pure Substances and Mixtures Models

Insert shapes into the "model" section to represent what the slide is asking for. Google image search examples for each slide. On the last two sort the pictures to the correct section.


9/24 Heat Presentation in Google Classroom

9/24 Heat Presentation

Follow the directions on the google slide presentation to complete the presentation.


9/20 Achieve

9/20 Achieve "A Promise to Help the Planet"

Log onto Achieve through Clever. After you finish all 5 tabs go to USATest prep to complete any assignments. If you have finished all of the USATest prep go to the states of matter enrichment assignment.


Thermal Energy: States of Matter  in Google Classroom

Thermal Energy: States of Matter

Launch the activity and complete all 8 "slides."


Unit 2 Virtual Notebook in Google Classroom

Unit 2 Virtual Notebook

By the end of this Unit (9/10) all of the blanks in this presentation should be filled in as well as all Introductions and Connections completed. Use the Unit 2 notes presentation on Google Classroom to help you do this.


9/8-9/9 Energy Research  in Google Classroom

9/8-9/9 Energy Research

This assignment lasts two days. Watch the direct instruction video for the specific day and complete your virtual notebook (due this Friday). Work on your energy research project (two days is plenty of time). If you finish early work on USATest Prep.


8/25 Unit 1 Test in Google Classroom

8/25 Unit 1 Test

Follow the link to Unify. 
Username: pin number
Password: pin number followed by your birthday

Example login
Username: 37894
Password: 37894040192

Take your test after you're finished work on making sure your notes are complete, all USATest Prep is done, and Unit divider success criteria is finished.